Cancellation Insurance

Boek op onze website en reis met volledige zekerheid voor u en uw reisgenoten. .


Alle tarieven die een vooruitbetaling vereisen zijn inclusief een annuleringsverzekering zodat u met een gerust hart kunt boeken. En dit alles is GRATIS!

De annuleringsverzekering dekt annuleringskosten tot €10.000/persoon. Het omvat annuleringskosten voor bijvoorbeeld positieve COVID-19 (zie redenen voor annulering in de polisvoorwaarden).

Non-Refundable Rate boekingen zijn gekoppeld aan een annuleringsverzekering die ingaat op het moment van boeken en eindigt op de dag van inchecken. De restitutie van het vooruitbetaalde bedrag van de reservering, in geval van gerechtvaardigde annulering, zal worden gedaan via de verzekeringsmaatschappij ARAG. Het vooruitbetaalde bedrag wordt niet terugbetaald als de reden voor annulering niet wordt vermeld in de algemene voorwaarden van de polis of in geval van niet verschijnen in het resort.

Bekijk hier alle voorwaarden van de annuleringsverzekering.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to confirm my travel insurance?

    It will be done automatically.

  • When will I receive my insurance information?

    Reservations with a Non-Refundable/Semiflexible Rate, after a few minutes when you complete your reservation you will receive an email with the information of your cancellation policy, and the day of arrival you will receive an email with the information of your travel assistance policy.
    *You can check conditions in the confirmation of your booking

  • Whom does the insurance cover?

    The insurance covers the person who makes the reservation and the accompanying persons.
    VERY IMPORTANT! For your companions to be fully covered it is essential that you add them to your reservation on the website or else we will have no way of identifying them.
    If you are making a booking for a third person, you will also have to do this step so that they are identified.

  • How long do I have to claim my insurance?

    In the event you need to make any claims, the first thing you must do is inform the insurance company. Once you have notified the insurance company, you will have up to 2 years to present the supporting documentation.

  • What is the coverage of my cancellation insurance?

    The following amount indicates the maximum reimbursement by the Insurer.
    Travel cancellation expenses up to 10.000€ per person

  • Before the trip, what are the cancellation reasons?

    The cancellation fees will be reimbursed to the client as long as it complies with any of the 25 causes that are detailed in the general conditions of the insurance policy. Here we indicate them to you::

    1. Due to death, hospitalization of at least one night, serious illness or serious bodily injury of:

    a) The Insured Party or any of their relatives, understood as such in accordance with this Policy’s General Conditions
    b) The Insured Party’s family, their spouse, de facto couple or person who lives with them - family being understood as such in accordance with this Policy’s General Conditions
    c) The person responsible for, during the trip, the Insured Party's children or disabled people under their care.
    d) The Insured Party’s direct substitute in their job, provided that this circumstance results in the requirement from the Company in which they are employed preventing them from making the trip.

    2. Insured Party being summoned as a witness or to serve on a jury in court.

    3. Being selected as a polling station staff member for state, autonomous or municipal elections.

    4. If the dates of any public examinations summoned through a public body that the Insured party will sit are announced after the insurance has been taken out. This may also affect the Insured Party as a member of the Tribunal for these exams.

    5. Serious damages to the Insured Party’s main or secondary residence, or professional premises if they are the direct operator or self-employed, caused by fire, explosion, robbery or by the force of nature and their presence is essential.

    6. Due to dismissal of the Insured party. In no case will this insurance be used upon termination of an employment contract, voluntary resignation or failure to pass a trial period. In all cases, the insurance must have been signed before a written notification of the dismissal was given to the employee by the Company.

    7. The Insured party starting a new job, in a different company with an employment contract of longer than six months and provided that the incorporation occurred after registration of the travel and, therefore, after taking out this Insurance policy.

    8. When the Insured party must pay more than € 600 to the tax department - the Ministry of Economics and Public Administrations - because of their end of year tax declaration.

    9. Act of aerial, terrestrial or naval piracy that makes it impossible for the insured party to start their trip on the scheduled dates.

    10. A call for the surgical intervention of the Insured party, including any prior medical tests that need to be carried out for such an intervention. (Including organ transplantation as a recipient or donor).

    11. A call from Public Health system to the Insured Party or their first or second degree relatives to carry out medical tests as a matter of urgency, provided they are justified by the seriousness of the case.

    12. Serious complications in pregnancy where medical recommendations require the Insured party, their spouse, defacto partner or live-in partner to rest or to be hospitalised, and as long as the complications that have arisen have occurred after
    taking out the insurance policy and put the continuity or development of that pregnancy at serious risk.

    13. Premature birth of the Insured party’s child.

    14. Police arrest of the Insured party for non-criminal causes, occurring after the insurance has been taken out.

    15. Judicial summons for proceedings of a divorce that was agreed after the arranging the travel.

    16. An urgent requirement to join the armed forces, police or fire services, as long as the incorporation is notified after the insurance policy has been taken out.

    17. Medical quarantine following an accidental event.

    18. Unexpected call for organ transplantation of: The INSURED PARTY or a relative. The companion of the INSURED PARTY, registered in the same reservation.

    19. Request to sign official documents before the Public Administration during the trip.

    20. Delivery of a child for adoption, when the date coincides with the dates of in trip.

    21. An official declaration of a catastrophe in the INSURED PARTY's place of residence or travel destination. An official declaration of a catastrophe in a location that the Insured Party must cross to reach their destination is also covered by this guarantee, provided that this is the only way to access said destination. A maximum compensation amount of € 30,000 is established per claim

    22. Judicial declaration of the bankruptcy of a company that prevents the INSURED PARTY from carrying out their professional activity.

    23. Theft of documentation or luggage that makes it impossible for the INSURED PARTY to start their trip.

    24. Cancellation of the trip by the person who was to accompany the Insured Party on the trip, provided they had registered their trip, which this contract covers, at the same time as the Insured Party, and provided that the cancellation is due to one of the causes listed above and, because of that cause, the Insured Party has to travel alone.

    25. Cancellation of the trip by a relative who was to accompany the Insured Party on the trip, provided they had registered their trip at the same time and which this contract covers, at the same time as the Insured Party, and provided that the cancellation is
    due to one of the causes listed above.
    Covid-19 is considered as a illness covered by the policy

  • How can I cancel my booking and request a refund?

    You can cancel your reservation and request a refund according to the policy cancellation conditions.
    We indicate you theSTEPS TO FOLLOW:

    1. Cancel the reservation at the hotel and request a bill for the prepaid amount.
    2. Contact the insurance, attaching the hotel bill and the
    proof of the reason for cancellation. You must also indicate the policy number
    together with your personal details (name and surname).
    3. The insurance company will contact you as soon as possible after reviewing all the
    documentation provided. (This refund will be made ONLY when the cause of
    cancellation is covered by one of the 25 reasons listed above).

    If you have any doubts, you can contact the insurance company by calling +34 91 566 15 88. Remember that in order to identify yourself you must indicate your policy number.


  • Where can I find all the information related to my cancellation insurance?
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